New Reflexology Programme starting at Focus on Family Mondays 6-8pm starting Mon 19th June

Contact Catherine on 07793 131094 to book your place or if you would like any more information.

How would you like to do something that will make you feel relaxed and wonderful?
Would you like to have time away from everyday tasks, time just for you which will also be a great benefit to your health and wellbeing?
If so read on for this is the very thing that will do all that and more.
“Reflexology”, I personally believe is the ‘crème de-la crème’ of all treatments because of its ability to enhance our quality of health and well- being.
How does it do this? It induces a deep state of relaxation into the entire body. It reduces stress & tension, decreases congestion in energy pathways, boosts blood and oxygen flow, instils a feeling of well-being and contentment, regulates and kicks off the body’s own natural healing process and brings the system back into balance.
Here is your opportunity to avail of this amazing treatment.
Focus on Family are starting classes which will run on a weekly basis from June through July. Everyone is taught how to give a Reflexology treatment, each person works with a partner, one learns how to do the treatment while the other receives, then places are reversed so everyone has a chance to enjoy and learn.
You will be learning the areas on the feet and where it corresponds to in the body; for instance, the toes are all to do with the head, back of neck, face, sinuses and eyes, so working on this area can relieve headaches, tension, sinus problems, eye strain, tightness in the jaws, tooth ache and much more.
Everyone that has ever attended has said it was the highlight of their week because it is the most relaxing and enjoyable time they have to themselves and they treat it as their time out.
Beds, towels, wipes, drinking water, everything is provided. The cream and oil used are specially made, using essential oils to enhance the treatments even more.
There is no pressure at all as it is all done at a comfortable pace, each week you are talked through all the movements. It is a very enjoyable time.
The classes will be starting Monday 19th June from 6pm to 8pm, come and enjoy a VERY relaxing and enjoyable evening.
If you care about your health and well-being, don’t wait, book your place now and better still, if you have a pal bring them along so you can work together. The tutor talks everyone through step by step and there is no need for writing and no pressure at all.
At just £3.00 per class why would you miss out on such a marvellous opportunity?!
Spaces are very limited; it is a first come basis.