Inspiring Wellness Workshop with Karen Shirlow

Inspiring Wellness Workshop with Karen Shirlow
Focus on Family, 11-19 Glenburn Crescent, Ballysally, Coleraine, BT52 2QR
Tuesday 10th October 11am-1pm
FREE (Funded by Dept for Communities – Neighbourhood Renewal)
To register, please contact Brendan on028 7032 9550 or
Karen is the founder of Inspiring Wellness with Karen Shirlow, Mummy’s Moments and Moments Mobile Massage. She is the only Certified Havening Techniques Practitioner in the North Coast of Northern Ireland and she recently received a qualification in NLP and practices a New Wave Meditation process known as The Wholeness Process.
Karen’s innovative fusion of meditation and neuroscience has helped people with insomnia, relationship issues, pre-migraine auras, difficult emotions, and much more.
The “Inspiring Wellness” workshopis a new “path to awakening” and way of resolving life problems. Karen will share with you a range of accessible creative wellbeing activities that have been proven to benefit mental and physical wellbeing.
Most people experience…
· A deep relaxation and resetting of the nervous system
· A natural melting away of many issues that previously seemed like intractable problems
· Increased sense of well-being
· Greater access to a natural wisdom, compassion, humour, and creativity